Board Technologies GmbH sees itself as a quality-oriented and modern service. From the beginning we have set the course for ongoing process optimization and efficient structures. This applies to management and production to the same extent. The success speaks for itself. The high number of our regular customers proves that we meet with our strong focus on quality at attractive prices, the high demands placed on suppliers.
Each PCB Design provides its own demands. Only the experience and solution expertise associated provide the necessary security in the production process. As an experienced supplier to the automotive industry offers Board Technologies experienced and reliable processing. We will gladly prepare an offer for you.

Actual Information

No tooling costs at your purchase orders
We dispensed the usual tooling costs for every purchase order. Excluded from this action are only the purchase orders of sample quantities.


By integrating the latest CAM systems in our WWS system, we not only ensure that your layout will be reviewed for completeness and plausibility, but we also ensure that our offers will all price-relevant features include. The CAM data is automatically imported into the analysis of our WWS system and are the basis for a correct and complete offer.

Store / storage concepts

We offer all the necessary storage concepts.
- Kanban
- consignment
- JIT (just in time)
- Dynamic warehousing